Mark Meadows: 'I would put all my money' on Trump 2024 bid


Mark Meadows is so convinced that former President Donald Trump will run for the White House in 2024 that he says he would put “all his money” on it.

Mr. Meadows said it is clear Mr. Trump is eyeing a bid after losing re-election last year to President Biden.

“If I were a betting man … I would tell you to loan me all your money. I would put all my money in, and I would bet that he’s running again,” Mr. Meadows, who served as Mr. Trump‘s White House chief of staff, said Thursday on SiriusXM’s “The Wilkow Majority.”

Mr. Meadows said, “He’s in, and we will count on him running.”

Mr. Trump‘s massive shadow has loomed over the GOP since he was ousted from office.

His claims of election fraud have become a rallying cry for his loyal supporters and his endorsement has been highly coveted by GOP candidates across the country.

Other Republicans — most notably Rep. Liz Cheney of Montana — have urged the party to move on and criticized Mr. Trump for inciting the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol for pedaling the “big lie.”

Polls show Mr. Trump would start out as the clear favorite in a race for the GOP presidential nomination.

Mr. Trump also has predicted that he would beat — or scare away — other possible contenders, including Gov. Ron DeSantis of Florida.

“If I faced him, I’d beat him like I would beat everyone else,” Mr. Trump recently told Yahoo Finance. “I think most people would drop out, I think he would drop out.”

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