Lamont: Federal infrastructure bill will benefit Connecticut


Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont said Monday several transportation improvement projects will benefit state residents with the passage of the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

Lamont said the state will receive $5.38 billion over the next five years that will be spent on highways, bridges, transportation, water infrastructure and other projects. One of the projects will be constructing two-way rail service on the Waterbury Branch of the Metro-North Railroad’s New Haven Line.

“I have been laser-focused on improving rail and transportation throughout the state since I came into office, and the Waterbury Branch is a prime example of infrastructure in the state that needs significant upgrades,” Lamont said in a new release. “We are building a transportation system that will lead to more jobs, economic growth, and more money in people’s pockets.

“Next, the federal infrastructure bill is going to put a historic amount of money into our state to support new roads, bridges, rail, and public transit. It’s going to put people back to work, and it’s going to get our state moving again,” he said.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said the federal infrastructure bill will increase the federal budget deficit by $256 billion over 10 years.

Of the federal funding the state is poised to receive, Lamont said investments will include $3.29 billion to tackle major corridor congestion, $1.3 billion to enhance public transportation, $561 million to repair the state’s aging bridge system and $90 million to make the state’s transportation assets more resilient to weather and natural disasters.

The state will utilize $79 million to reduce carbon emissions in the transportation industry and an additional $52.5 million to construct electric vehicle charging stations, according to the news release.

Lamont said the federal funding from the infrastructure bill will advance the Time for CT Initiative, which is designed to improve rail service between the state and New York, and the Northeast Corridor Commissioners CONNECT NEC 2035 (C35) initiative, which is aimed at improving rail service throughout the northeast.

An additional $30 billion in competitive grants has been allotted to the Northeast Corridor for improvements in train service, according to the news release, including $5 billion for Safe Streets for All grants, $500 million in SMART grants for innovative transportation technology, $500 million in reconnecting communities divided by transportation infrastructure, $9.24 billion in Bridge grants to repair bridges and $7.5 billion in RAISE grants for local projects.

The infrastructure bill, according to the release, also will provide for investments in surface transportation and to close the digital gap and connect the state’s homes to reliable high-speed internet.

“The passage of the federal infrastructure bill is a win for Connecticut’s residents and workers,” Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Joseph Giulietti said in the release. “Safety, health, and environmental equity are our top priorities.”

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