Kentucky Chipotle temporarily closes amid staff walkout


A Chipotle fast-food outlet in Louisville, Kentucky, temporarily shuttered its doors this week after half of its staff, including the manager, walked out, according to a report. 

A sign in the restaurant’s window read, “Half our staff walked out including the manager and we are no longer able to remain open,” according to a tweet from Louisville television news producer Jeff Burnett. 

The sign also advised customers to call a Chipotle hotline or contact their delivery services for a refund.

It is not clear why the employees and manager walked out. A spokesperson for Chipotle did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Washington Times.

Labor shortages have affected businesses across the country, though it’s unclear if that is linked to the Chipotle walkout.

The latest data from the U.S. Labor Department showed the number of people leaving their job rose to 4.3 million in August, the highest level on record since December 2000. That’s on top of the 10.4 million job openings.

Food services, hospitality, education and retail were among the sectors particularly affected by workers quitting their jobs.

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