George Soros among several billionaires who got COVID-19 stimulus checks


Several billionaires, including liberal activist George Soros, received stimulus checks during the COVID-19 pandemic, despite income caps that would have otherwise disqualified them.

Internal Revenue Service data shows tax loopholes allowed at least 18 billionaires to receive the $1,200 checks meant for those making under $75,000, according to a report by ProPublica.

Mr. Soros, a philanthropist and investor who donates to Democratic causes and finances liberal activist groups, received two of three of the checks issued by the federal government.

“George returned his stimulus check. He certainly didn’t request one!” a spokesman for Mr. Soros told the non-profit investigative news organization.

Mr. Soros’s son, Robert Soros, reportedly also returned the check, according to the spokesman.

Erik Prince, the former CEO of Blackwater USA, and owners of professional sports teams also received checks, as well as multimillionaire Dick Fuld, the ex-CEO of Lehman Brothers, according to the report.

Stimulus checks, meant to reinvigorate the economy during the pandemic, first went out in March 2020.

Another check of $600 went out in December, and a third check for $1,400, was issued in April 2021.

Mr. Soros has a net worth of almost $9 billion.

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