Garland won't say whether special counsel Durham is still investigating Clinton Foundation


Attorney General Merrick B. Garland on Thursday declined to say whether special counsel John Durham is continuing his investigation into the FBI’s probe of the Clinton Foundation.

During a House Judiciary Committee hearing, Rep. Scott Fitzgerald asked if Mr. Garland would commit to ensuring that Mr. Durham had “sufficient staff and other resources” to complete his investigation of the FBI’s handling of a probe into whether Clinton Foundation donors were given special treatment by then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

“Now obviously, you’ve had more than six months on the job and can you commit to allowing the special counsel Durham’s investigation to proceed, and then obviously, free from any political influence?” the Wisconsin Republican asked.

Mr. Garland replied, “Let me just say first about the money — we’re now in a new fiscal year and as everyone knows, Mr. Durham is continuing.”

“The provisions of the status of the regulation which require approval of his budget for the next fiscal year are public, so I think … you would know if he weren’t continuing to do his work,” he said.

Mr. Fitzgerald said he took that response as confirmation that Mr. Durham is continuing his investigation into the Clinton Foundation, but Mr. Garland pushed back.

“I am not determining what he’s investigating,” Mr. Garland said.

Last year, Mr. Durham began seeking information on how the FBI handled its investigation into the foundation, which is part of his larger review of the Trump-Russia election meddling probe.

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