Federal cyber agency: 'No specific, credible threat to election infrastructure' on Tuesday


The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said there is “no specific, credible threat to election infrastructure” as voters head to the polls across the country on Tuesday.

CISA said it would host an “election situational awareness room” to coordinate with state and local election officials, other federal agencies, political organizations and private sector election entities to share information and give support where needed.

“While there is no specific, credible threat to election infrastructure, CISA stands ready to provide cyber incident response and expertise if needed,” CISA said in a statement published Monday. “CISA encourages voters to turn to state and local election officials as trusted sources of information.”

The agency also has a “rumor control” website that it is updating with information designed to debunk “narratives and themes” instead of jurisdiction-specific claims.

For example, the website dismisses assertions that tampering or destroying ballot drop boxes is easy as a rumor, but the website states that the reality is safeguards are protecting ballots returned to drop boxes.

As part of its efforts to educate voters on misinformation and disinformation, CISA’s Monday announcement also directed people to review graphic novels it created.

“First in the series, ‘Real Fake’ demonstrates how threat actors capitalize on political and social issues (especially around election cycles) to stealthily plant doubt in the minds of targeted audiences and steer their opinion,” reads the CISA’s website. “Readers follow protagonists Rachel and Andre as they discover the command center in Russia is using a network of troll farms to spread false narratives about elections to American voters.”

CISA’s second graphic novel published on its website is “Bug Bytes” and features a protagonist named Ava who uses “her wits and journalism skills to uncover a disinformation campaign” designed to damage American critical infrastructure.

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