Teens Released From Jail Weeks Ago Involved In Crash Killing Pregnant Mom; Police Captain Blasts


A New York mother of six children was killed Sunday afternoon in a fatal car accident involving a stolen vehicle and four males; two of the suspects were released from jail mere weeks before the crash and one had multiple warrants out for his arrest.

The males involved were reportedly teens, but their identities have yet to be disclosed. One of the suspects had been recently released on a stolen vehicle charge for another incident.

“This is probably one of the worst accident scenes I’ve seen in a long time, the force of the impact was just incredible,” said Rochester Police Captain Frank Umbrino.

Tishara Pugh, 36, was pregnant with her sixth child, and had five other children ranging in age from 10 months to 13 years old. She was instantly killed.

Umbrino has been outspoken about policies, typically tied to Democrats, which make it harder for police officers to keep bad people off the streets, such as so-called bail reform and the Gov. Kathy Hochul-signed “Less is More Act.” Days after the act was signed, one of the released felons allegedly murdered his neighbor with a hatchet.

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