Colorado Governor Brags: ‘Tied For State With Least Shark Attacks’


Colorado is, of course, landlocked, with the mighty Rocky Mountains on one side and the beginning of the great plains on the other.

So, it stands to reason that residents there don’t have the same threat that people on the coasts have. Namely, sharks.

But that didn’t keep Colorado Gov. Jared Polis (D) from bragging that his state has had zero shark attacks.

“Colorado is tied for state with the least shark attacks!” the governor wrote on Twitter.

“Based on the uncited map shared by Polis, Colorado is in a 23-way tie among states also reporting no shark attacks,” Out There Colorado wrote. “While many might assume that no shark attacks would be the obvious number of shark attacks for a landlocked state, landlocked states of Kentucky, New Mexico, and Missouri have reportedly had a shark attack occur.”

“While a shark attack in Colorado may seem impossible, it’s not, as sharks can be found at the Denver Aquarium. People are even invited to go shark-diving at the exhibit. According to A-1 Scuba, the company that operates the experience, caged and cage-less options are available,” said the site. “Should an unlikely negative encounter occur here, it would be similar to the one that took place in New Mexico, when a diver was bitten in the arm at the Albuquerque Aquarium in March of 2005.”

Of course, Polis was likely joshing around. And some others joined in on the fun.

“Polis’ record on this is going to be tough for Republicans to run against,” journalist Kyle Clark wrote on Twitter.

Another amused person wrote: “Thank you for keeping Colorado safe from shark attacks, Governor.”

Said another: “Florida tied for state with the least mountain climbing deaths.”

Another mentioned the possibility of a “land shark,” made famous by Chevy Chase on “Saturday Night Live” in the 1970s.

Others mused about how there have been shark attacks in other landlocked states like Illinois, Kentucky, New Mexico, and Missouri.

“Uhm, I’m kinda confused about New Mexico, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania,” a Twitter user wrote. “Where, exactly, are people being attacked by sharks in those states?”

One Twitter user offered some info on the latter attack.

“The Missouri incident happened in 1996. Kathi and Marco Peters were performing at the St Louis Boat and Sports show in a 9,000 gallon tank with six nurse sharks, and one of the sharks (named Bob) bit Kathi’s hand, giving her five puncture wounds,” the person wrote.

Out There Colorado also pointed out that the New Mexico shark attacked occurred “when a diver was bitten in the arm at the Albuquerque Aquarium in March of 2005.”

“Another Twitter user argued that Coloradans only ever encounter a shark when the San Jose Sharks travel to play Colorado Avalanche, another professional ice hockey team,” Yahoo reported.

“Conor Cahill, a spokesperson for Mr. Polis, told The Denver Post that Coloradans ‘are known for being healthy and lean and sharks know they won’t get much of a meal here. Coloradans and others from across the world love exploring our mountains, rivers, lakes and plains while safely avoiding the swarms of dangerous sharks in other, less attractive destinations like Texas, California and Florida.”

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